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Posted on 16 Apr , 2013

Through It All I’ve Always Laughed

Through It All I’ve Always Laughed

tiaialthumbEdinburgh Fringe 2005

Count Arthur Strong, one time Variety Star now sole proprietor and owner of Doncaster’s Academy of Performance, is a show business legend, raconteur, and lecturer extraordinaire. Count Arthur combines sardonic wit and old school sensibilities with a touch of Basil Fawlty. His forgetfulness and slight deafness results in sporadic and unnecessary shouting reminiscent of an elder relation, to whom everyone can relate.

After many years of being courted by top London publishers, Count Arthur Strong has, at last, decided to put pen to paper and produced his first volume of his sensational diaries of his he’s written, ‘Through It All I’ve Always Laughed’. Join him on his, ‘Book Launch Tour’, as he reads selected passages out loud for all to hear. But as if that wasn’t enough he’ll also be turning the hands of Old Father Time’s clock back on itself, to recreate some of those wonderful old moments from his long and distinguished career you all know and love so much..