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Posted on 12 Apr , 2013

The Return of the Jingleberries

The Return of the Jingleberries

acts_detail_32Brighton Fringe & Edinburgh Fringe 2003

Way back in 1983, they were stars on kids TV

Incredibly successful in the early 80’s, The Jingleberries were kids TV presenters who became household names for their wonderful songs, but even more so for their sudden fall from grace.

The Jingleberries started life as a three piece combo who made jingles for radio. Their sudden rise to fame came after they got spotted by Simon Mound of ATV He saw their first TV advert, a commercial for industrial asbestos, over which they sung a happy tune. It was Mound that gave them their first TV opportunity & within six months they were household names, appearing every day in their regular slot that became known as Jingleberry time.

Possibly the only thing faster than their rise to fame was their fall – the BBC sacked them amidst allegations of Frank’s drug abuse, the young Penny’s unplanned pregnancy and Jerry’s general gayness.

Now they’re looking for a comeback tour. If Geoffrey from Rainbow can do it anyone can! Singing old favourites such as “Tight Trousers” the’ve held audiences in nostalgic rapture. Loved especially for their double-entendre lyrics, The Jingleberries are Penny, Frank and Jerry who all have strong professional pedigrees in performing comedy and music, they’re so good that they’ll convince you that they existed!