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Posted on 14 Apr , 2013

Joanna Neary is not feeling herself

Joanna Neary is not feeling herself

jn1Edinburgh (Perrier Award Best Newcomer Nominee) Fringe 2004

Komedia Entertainment produced and promoted a debut Edinburgh Solo Show, that was to gain a Perrier Best Newcomer nomination.

Joanna Neary, is definitely not feeling herself.

In fact she’s got multiple personalities and not one of them is hers.

In her debut solo Edinburgh show, she¬†throws open the cages of a bustling menagerie of unique comic characters…male and female, young and old, feline, canine or aquatic, every species is represented. You won’t see the usual suspects here…

…but you will go away recognising a great many of them.

Hilarious, multiple-personality, character comedy.