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Posted on 15 Apr , 2013

Gamarjobat: A Shut Up Comedy

Gamarjobat: A Shut Up Comedy

gam1(Best International Act Brighton Fringe)  Edinburgh Fringe 2005, Brighton Fringe 2006

GAMARJOBAT brings about a revolution in mime. This Japanese duo performs a revolutionary mime comedy that absolutely transcends all cultural and language boundaries. It’s an ingenious package of clever, free-flowing mime, gentle acrobatics and a suitcase full of intrigues.

Gamarjobat presents a theatre show – a success story of a boxer, inspired by the film ‘Rocky’. Two performers change costumes quickly and act out eight characters in the show. During the show they don’t speak at all.

Having already enlivened stages and streets in many countries in Asia, Oceania and Europe as well as presenting eight solo stage shows in Tokyo, the duo has enjoyed total sell-out shows and established a great reputation since 1997. Komedia Entertainment is now bringing their show to the UK for a nationwide tour in 2006.

At Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2004, GAMARJOBAT was a total sell-out for 24 performances and an extra show by popular demand!

Winner of the Dubble Act Award as the best comedy duo.

Winner of the Tap Water Award in 2005.

* * * * “I have never seen a show that I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone regardless of ages, sex, colour, or ideological leanings – until now. Gamarjobat is irresistibly, endearingly funny and undoubtedly the most skilled and clever comedy in Edinburgh” The Scotsman

“Astonishingly good” Metro

* * * * * “It’s hard to describe on paper how good two blokes prancing about and making gestures is, but trust me, it’s brilliant, and will sell out soon!” Three Weeks

“Hilarious physical comedy duo from Japan will transcend anything yout hink you know about clowning, magic and mime” Chortle