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Posted on 18 Jan , 2012

Count Arthur: Command Performance Re-tour

Count Arthur: Command Performance Re-tour

Following a hugely successful (sellout) first run in Spring 2011, Arthur will be touring again in by public demand, his masterful ‘Command Performance’ show in early 2012.

In Arthur’s words (sic 2011):

“Count Arthur Strong’s new show, ‘Command Performance’, is so new, not even he knows he’s doing it yet. Don’t worry about that though, it’s never stopped him before! So get your Maltesers out, roll your trouser legs up and sit back and enjoy this potentially wonderful show. Pausing only to glance up from your program to ask when the interval is. I can guarantee you; you’ll have never seen anything like it, whatever it is.”

Once again Arthur is ably assisted in the Command Performance by his protege Malcolm and special guests Renee Titter, and televisions Alan Leslie.

Following his successes in Edinburgh with hit shows from Forgotten Egypt! to The Man Behind the Smile, Arthur has sold out at theatres around the country and toured extensively.

In 2004 the character moved firstly onto BBC Radio 2 as a regular guest on the Mark Radcliffe Show and then onto BBC Radio 4 in Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show! Soon to record a seventh series, the show won the gold Sony Award for Best Radio Comedy in 2009 and has given Arthur a national audience who ‘get the joke’.